Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Quotes from Kris today (4-13-11) about starting the 2011 Playoffs

Kris Letang

On the emotions for the first game of the playoffs:
Right now I think it’s just like every other day, except everyone is just really excited. It felt like a regular morning skate, but I think tonight when you get to the arena and see the crowd and everything, it’s going to be when we’ll start to get a little nervous and more excited.

On the difference between playoffs and the regular season:
Obviously the intensity is going to go up. Guys are going to finish their checks. You have to expect everybody to give a second effort on every play. So you just have to raise your tempo, make sure you’re taking short shifts and playing intense for the whole game.

On stepping up his game come playoffs:
It’s the most exciting part of the year. Yes, it’s fun to play in the regular season, but what we want to do is be part of the playoffs and play during this exciting part of the year. I just try to step up my game and help my team.

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