Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Coachspeak with Dan Bylsma… (source: Penguins official website)

On Kris Letang bouncing back from Game 2 to Game 3:
I think Kris is somewhat indicative of our team a little bit. We weren’t as strongly focused in Game 2 on certain things. We got off our game fairly quickly for some reasons, and last game we were able to put some of those behind us and get back focused on playing the way we needed to play. Kris was certainly that way. One of the things I know Kris really talks about and really focuses on for our team is defending, and defending well. He knows he’s going to be playing against their good players, and they’re a handful and they can be really dangerous. That mindset, for Kris, has been really good for him when he’s going up against those types of situations in the regular season and especially in the playoffs. He got back to that last game – really defending and doing it both tough defending and position-wise – but also his ability to move the puck out of trouble. At times, he was really good with that last game.

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