Friday, April 29, 2011

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On if he’ll think about the power play all summer:
That’s a great question (laughs). No, I’m going to think about how we had to deal with injuries, how we had to deal with a lot of stuff this year. But next year is going to be a new season, new guys and no, I’m not going to think about it.

On how he would sum up this season:
I mean, yeah, of course when you work that hard to get up in the standings with all of the injuries that we had, we had a great season. We finished with 106 points. But obviously it’s disappointing to finish in the first round. But at the same time, it’s just a question of learning and just maybe not doing the same mistake over.

On how encouraging it was to do what they did without Crosby and Malkin:
I think we’re a team that relies a lot on our system. I think every single guy in this dressing room believes in it and that’s what makes us successful over the years. I think every guy that comes up from Wilkes-Barre, they know the system, they play the same way that we do and that allowed them to have success.

On if he heard from Team Canada:
I’m still here. No, I’m not going to say why.

On if he felt he grew in certain aspects of his game this season:
Yeah. I think my game got, in my mind, a lot better defensively, offensively. I got a chance to play with ‘Brooksie’ all year, and we learned to play together. I think yeah, I learned a lot of things and I think there are a lot of things still to be learned, too. I’m looking forward to another season, but I think I gained some confidence out there.

On how he is health-wise:
I’m good. Just a few things that have to be fixed, but no surgery.

On if he’ll watch any of the playoffs:
No, I won’t watch them. It’s something that when I’m not playing, I’m not watching.

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