Friday, August 10, 2012

EA Sports 2013 photo/video shoot

Kris at Marc Andre Fleury's wedding

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Number 28 on the list of 50 Kris Letang Plays a fierce blue line for the Pens in season, works the scene just as hard when the games end.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Closing time for 58

KRIS LETANG On if his hip injury will rule him out of Worlds: Yeah. Different injury, but the hip was an issue all year. We’ve been talking to the doctor and I think the best thing to do right now is to rest it. On if any surgery will be needed: We’re still talking with the doctor. So nothing yet. On when the hip injury happened: It’s been a few years. This year, it’s been a little struggle. That’s why last year, I didn’t go there either. This year, it’s been bothering me a little bit more. On dealing with various injuries all season: It was a tough season. The injuries, everything. It was tough to come back and get another one and having trouble like that. At the end of the day, I think the regular season was good for most of the guys in the dressing room. It’s too bad we ended our season the way we did. On the coach and GM taking responsibility for the exit: I think it’s the team. That includes everybody. From the coach, from every player, I think we’re a group. If we win, we win as a group. If we lose, we lose as a group. I think that’s the key. That’s always been the team. We didn’t play the way we were supposed to play and that’s the reason why we’re not playing right now. On if he’d like to see this team get another shot: If you look at our team, from every individual, we are a really good team. A special group, a great group of guys. I think we had a chance to do something special this year and kind of ruined it in the first round. I wish I could see the same faces next year. On what he needs to do this summer to take his game to the next level: I think emotionally, I can be more in control at times. I think I have to be more mature every year. I think I can improve in every aspect of the game. Offensively, defensively. I think I made strides this year despite the injuries. There’s always room for improvement. On if potential hip surgery is a big concern: No. Not at all. It’s not a major injury. It’s something, though, that can change your game and bother somebody who likes to skate like I do. It was just from a pain standpoint, being able to play with it. On why he’s confident that this group can do something special: Just knowing what we did this season with all the injuries and everything that happened to our team, it’s a good group of guys. I think everybody is tight. We’re good at every position. It’s just a question of putting everything together in the playoffs and being successful. Pretty confident with all the guys we have in the dressing room. On early exits being a wakeup call: It’s a good slap in the face. I can say it like that. Every time we come to training camp, the expectation is not to get in the playoffs. It’s to win the Stanley Cup. We have the group of guys that are able to make that happen. I think next year, when we come to training camp, it’s going to have to be our goal.

Kris Letang's Closing Time 2012 interview