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On if he’ll think about the power play all summer:
That’s a great question (laughs). No, I’m going to think about how we had to deal with injuries, how we had to deal with a lot of stuff this year. But next year is going to be a new season, new guys and no, I’m not going to think about it.

On how he would sum up this season:
I mean, yeah, of course when you work that hard to get up in the standings with all of the injuries that we had, we had a great season. We finished with 106 points. But obviously it’s disappointing to finish in the first round. But at the same time, it’s just a question of learning and just maybe not doing the same mistake over.

On how encouraging it was to do what they did without Crosby and Malkin:
I think we’re a team that relies a lot on our system. I think every single guy in this dressing room believes in it and that’s what makes us successful over the years. I think every guy that comes up from Wilkes-Barre, they know the system, they play the same way that we do and that allowed them to have success.

On if he heard from Team Canada:
I’m still here. No, I’m not going to say why.

On if he felt he grew in certain aspects of his game this season:
Yeah. I think my game got, in my mind, a lot better defensively, offensively. I got a chance to play with ‘Brooksie’ all year, and we learned to play together. I think yeah, I learned a lot of things and I think there are a lot of things still to be learned, too. I’m looking forward to another season, but I think I gained some confidence out there.

On how he is health-wise:
I’m good. Just a few things that have to be fixed, but no surgery.

On if he’ll watch any of the playoffs:
No, I won’t watch them. It’s something that when I’m not playing, I’m not watching.

Final Thoughts: Kris Letang (04/29/11)

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Off-Day: Kris Letang (4/26/11)

Kris Playoff Pic Spam

From the Penguins site from todays practice 4/26/11

Kris Letang

On if he’s pressing to score:
No, not at all. I keep doing my thing and playing my way.

On why the PP can’t get going:
Over six games we have 26, 27 scoring chances on the power play. It’s just a question of bounces. Sometimes you get a lucky bounce and it goes in, then we don’t talk about the power play anymore. We’ll make some adjustments, but we’ll focus on our game five-on-five.

On Game 7:
You need your best players to play their best. Everybody needs to bring their best game. For the experience, it’s just a question of being relaxed, focused and doing your best on the ice.

Post-Game: Kris Letang (4/25/11)

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Pic of Letang from today's practice in Tampa 4/25/11

Kris Letang

On what they can take out of Game 5 to help them tonight:
Obviously our start was really good. We had a strong start, we put the puck at the net and it hit the post right away. In like 30 seconds, the game changed. But there’s things to learn from that game, and obviously keeping our cool and make sure we’re focused and composed in the game.

On the road team having success and if that means anything to them:
No, it doesn’t mean anything to anyone. I think the team that’s played on the road has had success in the playoffs so far, but they’re at the limit of the series. If they lose, they’re going home. So they’re going to bring their best, and I think that’s what we should expect and they should expect our best too.

On what they’ve addressed at practice over the last couple of days:
Shooting the puck. I think it was just a question of staying focused in our game. When we got off our game, we’re not focused anymore after being down 4-0. I think it’s just a question of keeping our cool.

On some of the Lightning players getting on the scoresheet for the first time in Game 5 and if they’re doing anything differently:
No, I mean, obviously their power play played really well out there. I think (Steven) Stamkos scored two goals and got a little of his confidence back. I think for us, I don’t know – it’s just to forget about that game and move on.

On if there is such a thing as momentum or that each game has a life of its own:
I think in the playoffs, you bounce back. I think every time you win a game, you should expect the opposite thing to come way harder. I think it’s been the same way in the playoffs so far. All the teams have kind of exchanged wins. I think we should expect them to come hard at home, but I think we’re going to be a totally different team.

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Coachspeak with Dan Bylsma… (source: Penguins official website)

On Kris Letang bouncing back from Game 2 to Game 3:
I think Kris is somewhat indicative of our team a little bit. We weren’t as strongly focused in Game 2 on certain things. We got off our game fairly quickly for some reasons, and last game we were able to put some of those behind us and get back focused on playing the way we needed to play. Kris was certainly that way. One of the things I know Kris really talks about and really focuses on for our team is defending, and defending well. He knows he’s going to be playing against their good players, and they’re a handful and they can be really dangerous. That mindset, for Kris, has been really good for him when he’s going up against those types of situations in the regular season and especially in the playoffs. He got back to that last game – really defending and doing it both tough defending and position-wise – but also his ability to move the puck out of trouble. At times, he was really good with that last game.

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04/18/2011 - Kris Letang Pregame Features - Game 3

Little blurb about Letang

Bergeron, Letang, Carter comprise Monday's Three Stars

2. Kris Letang, Penguins -- The Pittsburgh D-man played 24:32 and did a little bit of everything. He assisted on two of Pittsburgh's three goals in a 3-2 win at Tampa Bay, finishing plus-2. He also put five shots on goal and led all players with five hits in Game 3. With Sidney Crosby still out indefinitely with a concussion, and Evgeni Malkin out until next season, the Penguins rely more on the defense for scoring now -- and Letang isn't disappointing. Through three games, he has three points and a plus-4.


Cool article about Letang

Letang helps Penguins take 2-1 series lead

TAMPA -- When the Pittsburgh Penguins needed an emotional lift in a game they needed most against the Tampa Bay Lightning in Game 3 of this Eastern Conference Quarterfinal on Monday night, All-Star defenseman Kris Letang was there.

Letang was an absolute beast along the blue line for the Pens -- finishing with a personal-best 5 hits and 5 shots to complement a two-assist effort in a 3-2 triumph at St. Pete Times Forum.

"I think we saw their top guys going and the skill they bring so our job is to not allow them the time and space," Letang told "In that case, you have to finish your check and have a good stick on them. That's the most important thing because they came at us pretty good there in the end."

Letang's effort didn't go unnoticed.

"Defense has been a strength of our team, and the guys really rebounded following Game 2," Penguins coach Dan Bylsma said. "Our first man on the puck did a good job getting us out of pressure when their player was coming in hard and, in third, our guys were making good plays around the cage … making those hard plays.

"Letang had some offense tonight, too, mostly because he's doing the right things," Bylsma continued. "He's moving the puck and making that quick transition. He's been that way for us a lot, but he's a great defender and he has relished that responsibility for our team."

Letang, who established a career high with 42 assists and 50 points this season, was credited with a helper on Tyler Kennedy's game-winner at the 2:43 mark of the third period. The tally came just 31 seconds after the Lightning had evened the contest at 2-2.

"It felt good to get that goal right back," Letang said. "They got a good bounce in front of the net on the tying goal, but we kept our heads up and went at it. It was a typical goal -- a guy crashing the net. That's how we score our goals."

Letang was also proud of the way his team took the initiative in the early stages of the game to open a 2-1 lead in the opening period.

"It was something we talked about before the game -- jumping out quick," he said. "They were fast, they came hard in their building, so it was important to start off well and impose the tempo to them instead of them doing it to us."

The Penguins did, too, and although they allowed the Lightning back into the game early in the third, the club proved its mettle by answering right back en route to taking a 2-1 lead in this best-of-7 series that resumes here on Wednesday at 7 p.m. ET (CBC, RDS).

"The playoffs are about everything … emotions and X's and O's," Lightning coach Guy Boucher said. "Whoever is going to pay attention to the most details is going to win. We know what they're doing and they know what we're going so it comes down to execution. We had scoring chances (Monday) but their defensemen played great. They had a lot of box outs and I thought they played tremendous. That's their strength, so we expect that."

Pittsburgh defenseman Zbynek Michalek led the back end in ice time on Monday at 27:27, following by Brooks Orpik (25:08) and Letang (24:32).

"I think this is the type of game we want to play," Letang said. "In tight games, guys are responsible all over the ice and we didn't make stupid decisions by turning the puck over. We grind teams down by putting pucks deep. We made sure we made them turn the puck over instead of creating offense."

The Lightning committed a series-high 11 giveaways in Game 3 -- after turning the puck over a combined three times the previous two games. Letang played a big part in that by playing the body effectively throughout.

"That's why he's an All-Star and a great player," Kennedy said of Letang.


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Crosby and Malkin congratulate the Pens after their win in game 3 against the Bolts (4-18-11)

Penguins win game 3 against the Bolts

Kris had a 2 assist game last night against the Lightning.
2011 Playoff game 3
YAY KRIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Letang's goal: Play good defense

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Now that Kris Letang has evolved into the Penguins' top defenseman and an NHL All-Star, he would prefer that the emphasis be placed on his defensive play instead of his goal-scoring prowess.

Considering he hasn't scored a goal since Jan. 10, that only makes sense. Letang had eight goals and 50 points in the regular-season, but hasn't tallied since Feb. 11 at the New York Islanders -- a span of 27 games.

"I'm not looking to score goals or put points on the board," Letang said prior to the playoffs. "It's more playing a defensive game and making sure I shut down those top guys on the other side."

It doesn't help that Letang plays the left point on the Penguins' power play, which is 0 for 13 in their Eastern Conference quarterfinal series against the Tampa Bay Lightning. Defenseman Zbynek Michalek said opponents are focusing more on Letang since Sidney Crosby suffered a concussion Jan. 5.

"Him and Sid seemed to have a really good connection, especially on the power play," Michalek said. "When Sid went out, people started paying a lot of attention to (Letang) and it makes it tougher on him."

Letang isn't worried, not after scoring three regular-season goals in 2010 then five in the postseason. He knows his best offense is good defense.

"I don't want to make too much of the goal-scoring thing," said Brooks Orpik, Letang's partner. "When he's at his best, he's focused on playing good defensively because we're always playing against one of the top lines. When he takes care of that, it seems his offense comes naturally and takes care of itself."

Kris at Penguins practice 4-18-11

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2011 Playoffs Tanger

Kris gets his first 2011 playoff point as an assist on Asham's goal tonight against the Lightning!!!!!!!

Quotes from Kris today (4-13-11) about starting the 2011 Playoffs

Kris Letang

On the emotions for the first game of the playoffs:
Right now I think it’s just like every other day, except everyone is just really excited. It felt like a regular morning skate, but I think tonight when you get to the arena and see the crowd and everything, it’s going to be when we’ll start to get a little nervous and more excited.

On the difference between playoffs and the regular season:
Obviously the intensity is going to go up. Guys are going to finish their checks. You have to expect everybody to give a second effort on every play. So you just have to raise your tempo, make sure you’re taking short shifts and playing intense for the whole game.

On stepping up his game come playoffs:
It’s the most exciting part of the year. Yes, it’s fun to play in the regular season, but what we want to do is be part of the playoffs and play during this exciting part of the year. I just try to step up my game and help my team.

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2011 Pen Playoff Time :)

• Kris Letang led the Penguins in scoring against the Lightning during the regular season with five assists in four games.

Playoff Wallpaper Letang

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Penguins vs Lightning first round of the 2011 Stanley Cup Playoffs

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Penguins Notebook: Letang, Talbot have chance to play 82 games

ATLANTA -- The total won't be official until coach Dan Bylsma turns in the Penguins' lineup for their regular-season finale against Atlanta today at Philips Arena, but it looks as if the Penguins will lose 350 man-games to injuries and illness in 2010-11.

That is nearly double their total from last season (185) and included players from every part of the depth chart.

In fact, only two Penguins -- center Max Talbot and defenseman Kris Letang -- have a chance to dress for all 82 regular-season games. And both are well aware of it.

"It's something that was a goal for me, to play 82 games," said Letang, who missed just one game in 2009-10. "In the previous seasons, I always had a little injury that kept me playing 75, 76. So, it's good."

Talbot entered the season with a games-played goal of his own, but it wasn't 82. He had something a bit more modest in mind.

"My goal was actually 75," he said. "I write down goals before the season -- personal goals that I don't love to discuss -- but with last season and being a little bit hurt, it was an objective. To be strong out there and be able to play every game."


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Yay Kris

Letang has his first 50 point season this year!!! 2010-2011

And congratulations for Tanger getting 100 career assist!!!

Playoff Beard a Thon 2011


Letang at the Penguins practice today 4-8-11

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Coachspeak with Dan Bylsma (from the Penguins website)

On Kris Letang’s numbers dropping recently:
They are certainly special when we’re talking about the power play. It’s a concern, because we’re looking for our back end there to provide some offensive shots to the net. I think the most important thing is getting the shot off and through to the net-front area, not necessarily on net, because we have guys going there. That’s something that I think has dropped for Kris in the last 25 games. I think as a result, he’s gotten less goals, he’s gotten less rebound situations for his players. In terms of taking away from other parts of his game, I think at times it has a little bit. When he’s gone out there looking to carry the puck and make plays or get in the play, it’s taken away from his all-around game. We’ve talked about it. And when it comes to the playoffs, he’s good there because his focus has gone on defending. And it’s opened up more for him the other way as a result. On the power play, I think shooting is a factor for him. He needs to be better. And him playing in our structure is playing that good defensive game and being a shut-down guy. I think it helps his overall game.

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Auction of Kris's apron from 2011 Skates and Plates



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