Monday, April 25, 2011

Pic of Letang from today's practice in Tampa 4/25/11

Kris Letang

On what they can take out of Game 5 to help them tonight:
Obviously our start was really good. We had a strong start, we put the puck at the net and it hit the post right away. In like 30 seconds, the game changed. But there’s things to learn from that game, and obviously keeping our cool and make sure we’re focused and composed in the game.

On the road team having success and if that means anything to them:
No, it doesn’t mean anything to anyone. I think the team that’s played on the road has had success in the playoffs so far, but they’re at the limit of the series. If they lose, they’re going home. So they’re going to bring their best, and I think that’s what we should expect and they should expect our best too.

On what they’ve addressed at practice over the last couple of days:
Shooting the puck. I think it was just a question of staying focused in our game. When we got off our game, we’re not focused anymore after being down 4-0. I think it’s just a question of keeping our cool.

On some of the Lightning players getting on the scoresheet for the first time in Game 5 and if they’re doing anything differently:
No, I mean, obviously their power play played really well out there. I think (Steven) Stamkos scored two goals and got a little of his confidence back. I think for us, I don’t know – it’s just to forget about that game and move on.

On if there is such a thing as momentum or that each game has a life of its own:
I think in the playoffs, you bounce back. I think every time you win a game, you should expect the opposite thing to come way harder. I think it’s been the same way in the playoffs so far. All the teams have kind of exchanged wins. I think we should expect them to come hard at home, but I think we’re going to be a totally different team.

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