Sunday, October 30, 2011

My Readers and Followers Listen Up Please and Thanks

"58 or More Reasons to Love Kris Letang" on facebook is trying to get this company called Bleacher Creatures to make a Kris Letang doll. Here is the tweet that one of the ladies who owns "58 Reasons" said,

"Ok gals and guys.. Bleacher Creatures says they will make a Letang doll but we have to get 900 people to commit to buying one. I will message them for details."

They also posted it on the "58 Reasons" page on facebook too. Those of us who are Letang fans we can do this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is the link to the "58 Reasons" page on facebook to see any more updates as they happen.

Here is the "58 Reasons" twitter link too if that is how you want to see what else is going on.!/58reasons

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