Friday, October 21, 2011

Letang inspired

Kristopher Letang was frustrated to miss the match yesterday, serving a suspension for applying a checking from behind Alex Burmistrov, the Jets.

"It was not a good time to lose the services of a player with all the injuries we have, he acknowledged. I practice a style of play intense and I never take half measures when I hit a rival.

"The fact remains that we must learn to control his passions, the defender said from Montreal. I explained to Brendan Shanahan that I did not push the player the Jets against the ramp intentionally.

"I told him that I disagreed with his decision to suspend me for two games, continued Letang. I respect, however, because its priority is to ensure the safety of players. Shanahan was still playing in the NHL there is not so long ago. He knows that the game takes place very quickly. "

Letang knew a great start to the season with a harvest of a goal and six assists in seven games, while presenting a form of defensive 3. Some evenings, he played close to 30 minutes per game.

Coach Georges St-Pierre

Letang has only 24, but it is already considered one of the best defenders in the NHL.

It takes all necessary means to improve and he also changed his personal trainer last summer.

"I chose to follow the training program as prescribed me Jonathan Chamber, working with Georges St-Pierre. I immediately saw a big difference, "said Letang.

"I feel stronger, more durable. I did lots of cardio. That should allow me to avoid a loss of power in the second half of the season, when fatigue sets. "

Letang had the opportunity to meet St. Peter a few times during the summer and was impressed by the athleticism of the UFC champion.

(Original article in French so google translator is not great but its the best I can do. LOL)

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