Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Cool new article about Letang

Source (Original article in French):

Nicklas Lidstrom, Shea Weber, Drew Doughty, Duncan Keith and Lubomir Visnovsky will be in the running for the Norris Trophy this season, but did not win. Who will they get the better? By Kristopher Letang, Pittsburgh Penguins!

If ever I see right, Letang becomes the first Quebecer to win the Norris for Ray Bourque with the Boston Bruins in 1993-1994.

Letang Why? Because it is now the general of the Penguins blue line.Because he will play more than 24 minutes per game. Because in the absence of Crosby, Malkin and Staal for 40 games each last season, he still collected 50 points. A total that would have been higher had he not slowed in the second half (2-12-14).

Letang, ninth among defensemen with 50 points in 2010-2011 (8-42) is able to do even better, he has only 24. Especially with the return to health of Evgeni Malkin, the presence on the day of a James Neal and the possible return of Sidney Crosby.

I would therefore anticipate a season of about 60 points … and Norris. In front of Duncan Keith, Blackhawks, and Drew Doughty, the Kings, my two finalists.

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