Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Article about Kris translated by Google Translator so sorry if its not perfect.


Kris Letang among the elite

Quebecers Kristopher Letang and Marc-Andre Fleury are with Jordan Staal, the Penguins' best players since the start of the season. But it is especially Kris Letang I want to talk, as it could, in my opinion, win this season as one of the five best defensemen in the NHL.

Letang has become over the years the heart of the Penguins' defense, and part of more and more of his attack.

It is currently used 25 to 30 minutes per game, including, of course-handed and power play. Long ago he did forget the veteran Sergei Gonchar.

It dominates temporarily NHL scorers with a goal and five assists, two of his passes have been made during the game against the Canucks. Moreover, he himself tipped the scales in favor of the Penguins by scoring the decisive goal in a shootout.

So he knows a very strong start to the season and have come to know Kristopher, I can tell you that beyond his natural talent, the success he achieved since the beginning of his career is not the result of chance, because it meets its target to successfully climb his game and physical abilities of a check every year, not at all feel that they have capped at only 24 years.

For several years, he trained the summer with Pierre Allard, now conditioning coach in the Montreal Canadiens and with whom he had a really tangible results which allowed to rise among the elite of the NHL.

But this summer, Kris wanted to try something new for the summer physical training and he said rather have used the services of coach Georges St-Pierre, the champion of mixed martial arts.

I think all he lost Kris to become a possible candidate for the Norris Trophy meet Chara, Shea Weber, Lidstrom and company, it's more media recognition throughout the league. In cities where the Penguins arrive, they are often as Crosby and Malkin.

Among the defenders, the ultimate recognition often come with points. The possible return of two offensive stars will allow to collect even more points to his record, he took seventh among defensemen in the league with eight goals and two assists forty (50 pts). With partners as prolific as Malkin and Crosby, Kristopher Letang could also very well end the year at the top of the markers in the defenders. am so impressed with the progress of Kris Letang since he was selected in the third round by the Penguins, I told myself that there was a long time that Quebec was not a supporter of this product class for the NHL.

I also know that even if it is still far in the minds of many and that the presence of pros in the NHL is not yet confirmed, he would undoubtedly emerge as a logical choice in the minds of those who choose which eventually will be part of the team that will represent Canada at the Games in Sochi in 2014, or at an alternative like a World Cup.

In the meantime, a third participation in the Stanley Cup final as provided for EA Sports NHL Penguins with his 2012 would no doubt the kind of event to strengthen its image as a winner.

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