Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Kris's comments for tonights game against Montreal 10-28-09

On the fast start:
We are still hungry – we want more. We have the same team. We talked over the summer how we think we can be a better team than we were last year because the process we had last year was just 25 games and now we have a whole season. I think we can get better.
On how comfortable he is at the point of the power play with Goligoski:
We are two guys who are the same mentally in terms of getting involved in the offense and jumping into the rush. We always think offense so when I see Alex with the puck I know pretty much what he is trying to do so I try to put myself in position where he can see me. We understand each other pretty well.
On just needing one power-play goal to get more to follow:
Yes, exactly. Sometimes you have bad bounces but one is going to go in and then we are going to be more comfortable and be a more active power play.
On the danger of trying to do too much:
Yeah, you try to do too much or you get too fancy. We have to keep a simple game, put shots to the net and go for the rebounds.

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