Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Random notes from the Pens website about Kris at practice and tonights game against the Rangers 11-29-11

Coachspeak with Dan Bylsma…

On what they’ll do for a sixth defenseman if Letang can’t play:
We’d be calling someone up in that case.

On if Letang has passed all concussion-related tests:
He’s seen the doctor a couple times and he’s obviously dealing with a facial injury – a broken nose and everything that entails as well.

On if there’s any testing Letang needs to go through this afternoon or if it’s just a case of how he feels:
That’s the case, yes.

"Hey guys, let's all form a circle around this circular symbol on the ice," said an unknown Pen (left); "Hey guys, let's all get a group pic together so that we'll remember this day forever. Memories," said an unknown Pen. That unknown Pen is quite chatty today (right)

Letang may have a broken nose, but his hair is still unprecedented (left); Michalek takes a moment on the ice to pray (right)

Kris Letang interview at practice 11-29-11

On if he’ll play tonight:
I need to talk with the doctor.

On taking the ImPACT test:
No, I’ve done that test many times. It was more a question of how I feel on the ice, if I don’t feel worse by expending energy and getting my blood flow going.

On not taking the ImPACT test:
I don’t have to take it. It’s not mandatory. I take it all the time. Now it’s just a question of how I feel.

On if it’s a conditioning issue or breathing:
I’m having problems breathing, but you can play with that.

On if he’ll play and with any protection:
I have no clue. No (on wearing special protection).

On Pacioretty’s hit:
I think it’s a fair amount of games. I’m not angry with him. I don’t think he’s a dirty player. I don’t think he tried to injury me. I think you have to be responsible with how you act on the ice. I think it’s a fair amount of games. It’s about the safety of the player.

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