Friday, September 30, 2011

From the Pens official website today

On Kris Letang’s expectations:
Kris’ expectation is to play at a higher level, more consistently all year long. I think that you saw a different level from Kris for the first half of last year. You saw the mentions of a Norris candidate. You saw him get the honor of being an All-Star. The second half of the season wasn’t as high as the first half of the season for him. And really for Kris, he’s looking for that consistency in his game, game in and game out at that level.

On Letang’s chemistry with Joe Morrow:
You talk about partners and that’s a guy who makes it easy to for people play with and understanding what’s going on – on the ice. Some of that’s attributed to hockey sense, but in our case a lot of that is attributed to knowing what to do, where to go in the system. Kris knows that extremely well. The experience for Joe has been one of playing with a veteran guy, who’s talking to him on the ice, helping him out. It’s been one of an older veteran mentoring to a younger player. That’s what it’s been for Kris. He’s a young guy, but he’s also played a lot in the league. He’s played a lot for our team and he’s at that point where he’s that type of player for our younger players.

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