Saturday, February 12, 2011

Why is Letang "58"?


And I found the link again on "58 Reasons" on Facebook.

Something different

If rookie defenseman Kris Letang's No. 58 looks odd, well, that is kind of the point. He is the only player in the NHL wearing the number.

"When I was in junior hockey (with Val d'Or), I had to pick a number. There was no No. 58s, so I took it," Letang said. "I was the only guy in the (league) that had that number. It was something different."

Letang, who recorded his first career assist in the Penguins' victory at Ottawa on Thursday, insisted he did not choose his number because he planned to make it famous.

"It was not about making my own mark," Letang said. "It just seemed to fit, and then I had success with it" -- 52 goals in three junior seasons -- "so I kept it."

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