Friday, July 2, 2010

LNHPQ : Pascal Dupuis - 1001 blagues sur Kristopher Letang

I found this on Facebook so that's my source. LOL


  1. Im in love with this video.. I keep on watching it over and over again...

    Im at work in my office laughing my ass off and my co-worker walks in and looks at me like im crazy.. i showed her the video and she started laughing as well... haha

  2. Yeah it is funny and I am glad you had a good laugh as well as your co-worker.

    Thanks for following my blog. Kris and the whole Pens team is awesome!!!

  3. No problem. Kris and the whole team are awesome..
    I love all the post that you posted for this blog.
    Kris Letang is yummy...hahaha

    -Haley James

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