Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Old Interview with Kris Letang

Cup Final Q&A with Kris Letang
Wednesday, May 28, 2008
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Q: What's the biggest thing you've learned about playing in the NHL your first full season here?

A: To play defensively. There are no bad players, so you have to be in great position all the time so you don't get beat.

Q: How did you end up a right-handed shot when it seems like so many defensemen are lefties?

A: There aren't a lot of right-handed defensemen who play offensively. I don't know why I am. In the street, when I was playing [as a youngster], I just curved my plastic blade on the right side.

Q: Looking back, how do you feel about being sent back to junior hockey early in 2006-07 after playing just seven games with the Penguins?

A: Very good. Obviously, I would rather play for the Pittsburgh Penguins, but I got some confidence, I went to the World Junior [Championships]. Now my first [full] year I'm in the Stanley Cup final. You can't expect more than that.

Q: As a rookie, how much grief did you get from your teammates?

A: A lot. A lot. At the beginning, you're not sure if you should laugh or get mad. Probably my problem was to be serious about it and never laugh and get rattled. Afterward, when you think about it, you just laugh.

Q: Have you learned your way around Pittsburgh or do you get lost?

A: I'm good. I've got my GPS in my car. Just maybe the bridges. I want to go somewhere and I think if I go by this way, I'm going to be able to go there, but there's too many bridges.


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